What is an Optometrist?

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An optometrist is an eye doctor responsible for:

    • examining the human eye, and diagnosing and treating any abnormal condition of the eye without the use of surgery.  When required, a referral to other health care professionals is provided.

    • the prescription, fitting and application of glasses, contact lenses or other devices to correct, relieve or treat the eye.

    • the prescription, supervision and management of therapy for the improvement/monitoring of visual health*

In our vision clinics, our focus is maximizing your vision now and in the future.  If needed, we will give you a copy of your prescription for glasses and/or contact lenses.  With this prescription, you are free to purchase your glasses or contact lenses from a registered optician whose area of expertise is the fitting and dispensing of glasses and contact lenses.  Our goal is to provide you with professional, comprehensive eye care without pressuring you to buy glasses or contact lenses.

*Canadian Association of Optometrists website:
http://www.opto.ca accessed Nov. 11, 2011